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It’s the night before Christmas…

July 28, 2015 1 comment

And so it is. Tonight literally feels like the night before christmas so many years ago when I was a child. Anxiously waiting in anticipation to open my gifts. This time however, my gift will be the official release of Windows 10. 🙂

Social media has been buzzing with articles about features and how the deployment will work etc. And rightly so. This is a big deal. preparation to deploy to 1 billion devices. Windows are a service (WaaS). Last major release of Windows and finally one Windows to rule them all… 🙂

So what am I looking forward to. To me the following small items is really compelling to me. And although I haven’t dived deep into the very specific technical changes that are coming, some of the more superficial and also features are compelling to. Both from an Enterprise and Consumer perspective.

  • Streaming Xbox games on Windows 10. So this is a consumer goodie for me. I tested this a few nights ago and it works amazingly well. This means I can now be anywhere in my home and play on my XBox One, without being in my office. And although this might seem a bit silly, it will really allow me to more flexible about my gaming
  • One app for Windows. From an enterprise perspective this to me is huge. Although we had a bridge for this in Windows 8, the UWP in Windows 10 is really amazing. And I can see so much potential for this. In fact we are busy with a Windows 10 app as we speak and will hopefully release not to long after the Windows 10 release.
  • Multiple desktops. So this was a feature I used a lot on Linux, when that was my primary OS of choice. Although I am accustomed to not having it, knowing it’s back, I’ll definitely be making use of it.
  • Windows as a Service. though I am still struggling a bit to wrap my head around this, it just means that improvements and features will constantly be streaming in. Not sure how they will monetize this. Let’s hope it’s not In-OS purchases for features, although that could work?
  • Hello Me. I must admit this I am looking forward to. Although I used something similar more than 14 years ago and it worked well. What excites me more is the SDK for it.

There are many more, but these are the main ones for now.

Unfortunately only one of my personal devices will be updated tomorrow. The rest of my devices are work related and activation and updates will only come through on the 1st, but having said that, I am basically running it already.

Next big thing for me will be the Phone update and the obvious Xbox One update. 🙂

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16 days and counting…

July 13, 2015 Leave a comment

This weekend was a truly exciting weekend for me. Not just the fact that we were getting ready for our camping trip, but also some of the announcements and updated Windows 10 build I did.

So this article dropped a few days ago and really has me excited. This means that we are now so close to finally getting to the end. And as an Insider, I’m hoping to get my hands on this very soon and hopefully before the 29th July.

So in between working today, I accidently stumbled onto a few changes, after I updated to Build 10166 over the weekend. These might have been there in Build 10163, but I probably missed them. So first off, my production laptop is a Acer R7, 1 TB HDD, 16GB Memory. Touch enabled with a stylus. So it’s a perfect laptop for me to test all the usual and touch features.

I’ve added only a few small things that I picked up during the update that has me excited and also just a few things in general that is already adding a lot of value to me.

Tablet Mode

The first thing that struc me today, as I was playing with the new Mobile Word, Excel & PowerPoint, is that when I switch to Tablet mode the App Icons, Notification Icons and Keyboard button is hidden by default. So why is this important? Well for me, when I switch to tablet mode, I want a tablet experience and not a hybrid experience. This was such a great little enhancement for me.


The other thing I really like is that during Tablet mode, every window that you currently have open is full screen and it just adds to the Tablet experience. Desktop apps now actually feel like they belong on a tablet and not a desktop with a window on it. This again for me is a huge plus.


Edge and Inking

Now some of the examples I saw during the demos was a bit silly in my mind and I was not sure about this. But I have already used this several times over on some of our web screens in our product suite as well just in general. Now I know inking has been around for a while, but the added features and especially the sharing has really brought it home for me.


Action Center

Although this has been around for all of the builds, I do find it much better and more inline with my Windows Phone. I like the big quick action buttons which makes switching and activating this a lot easier. In this build though the action center is still a bit delayed with regards to email and other notifications. But I do like it very much.


These are just a few things that I encounter on a daily basis which have made me more productive and just allowed me to enjoy my laptop even more, especially as I loved Windows 8 & 8.1.

I’ll hopefully post again just before the launch on new things I’ve found that has helped me along the way. Untill then 🙂

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First 30 minutes with Windows 10 Technical Preview

October 1, 2014 3 comments

So I thought I would quickly jot down some very initial findings etc with Windows 10 Technical Preview since installing it earlier this evening. This is by no means comprehensive in nature, but those 30 minutes is usually what sets me on a direction and also enables me to decide how I would use something when some options are available. With more use your behavior will change.

Last night, like millions of other people across the globe, I was online following the reveal of Windows 10 by Microsoft. And like a lot of people I saw some interesting developments and was waiting for the news of a preview, and then it came. Needless to say I’ve been checking the preview site every hour since then to start my download. And so here it is… The first 30 minutes.

Installation, Media & Device

After grabbing the ISO, I decided that I would use my Acer Icona W710 as the first device, and I decided to use touch only. So I moved the ISO onto a USB Flash drive with the Windows 7 tool and initiated the setup. As expected, some preparation screens, a few boots, some more “Working on it” screens and finally the device was ready for initial setup. I have to mention that you do get the option to save your data, but I opted to start clean.

Initial Setup

Initial setup is exactly, or seems like it, like the Windows 8 setup. Region, language etc, connect to Wifi, Express or advanced setup, log in with LiveID… No surprises there and I didn’t really expect any. The advanced setup might be slightly different and I might try that on a different device.

So what changed…

After logging in, everything seemed pretty much the same and for the first minute I was tapping on the start button on the desktop to see the start menu. Now I have to say that I didn’t miss it at all when Windows 8 was released and even when you could add some of this functionality back, I never did. Needless to say I was slightly frustrated when I couldn’t get to the start menu. A quick check on the Preview site showed how to get it back.

And then there was change…

After enabling the start menu, I had to log out and back in for the changes to take effect. And then it started. I went straight into desktop mode and there was the start menu when I tapped the “icon”. And I must admit, it looked pretty cool with the pinned items on the right. So I pinned a few items and resized it and it works nice. Next was to try and go back to the Windows 8 start screen to tap on a tile. Ugh, and there I was stuck. How do I now get back. Any “Windows” icon you tap just opens the start menu. Ok, so I used a pinned item and open the news reader.

And this is know where I started trying a lot of things from what I knew about Windows 8 and touch devices specifically. The news reader opened and I notices the dekstop style bar at the top. It behaves as you would expect when tapping it, if you were running a desktop app. Also, the app opened in the desktop. Upon closer inspection I found an ellipses button. Tapping that opened up a little menu with the following items:

  • App Commands (This simulates sliding your finger down from the top of the app)
  • Search (Search Charm)
  • Share (Share Charm)
  • Play (Play Charm)
  • Print
  • Project (Allows projecting onto a second screen via charm)
  • Settings (Setting usually found by sliding finger from right of screen inwards)
  • Full Screen

So the full screen got me excited and I tapped it and TADA!!! Back into what the app looks like in Windows 8. So obviously I swiped my finger down… Nothing… Tried to to grab it so I can place it half way on the screen… Nothing…. Slowly I started pressing and holding down, sliding from bottom up… Nothing… And this is where I kinda felt this is not going to sit well with me. Sliding from right inward does however still open the charm bar. And only by sliding from left inwards does the “task bar” appear, which is like an Alt+Tab. Selecting the app then takes it out of full screen.

The next thing I tried was the multiple desktop feature. So for the Linux guys / gals out there, that was something I always enjoyed on Linux. The ability to have multiple desktops with windows open in them and switching between them. This is basically the same. The is a task button at the bottom that brings up the opened apps, and then the option to add a desktop. When inside this desktop you can open apps, then create another and open up some more apps. This is great for when you want your email out of the way and only focus on a specific task at hand. And I think on a desktop / laptop that will work great.

And that’s where I stopped, well almost. I proceeded to try and take some screen shots using the hardware buttons, but that failed. Trying to use the new Charm sharing only allows me to share to email and OneNote. And not having a USB keyboard handy, kind of left me without the ability to take some specific screen shots.

I will get a USB keyboard and do another post with some screenshots.

So where does this leave me now… Well, after switching on the start menu and kind of loosing the smooth usage I would expect from a pure touch environment I kind of came to the conclusion that if you are going to be using pure touch, then leave the start button with Windows 7. Otherwise the more desktop oriented “mode” will work well for those die hard Windows 7 folks out there. I will remove it for now and see what has changed from a pure touch environment first and post about that. Then set up a keyboard and mouse and test out the desktop again.

And that is my first 30 minutes. Was worth trashing my tablet for it and I’ll continue to use it for the next few months, providing some feedback to MS and also doing some more posts. I’m happy so far with what I’ve seen. Until the next post… 🙂

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