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Ready, Steady, GO!!!

January 4, 2011 Leave a comment

It’s funny how the beginning of a new year seems to give most people that extra bit of energy to get started with something new and exciting, or just quickly get cracking on those goals set for the new year.

Well, for me it is no difference. Dispaite the lack of much rest after an extremely intense year, on not really seeing much change for 2011, I seems to still have this sense of purpose and renewed energy.

So what to do…. Well, the best is to make that energy work for you, which is exactly what tonight was all about.

Spent the last few hours getting me environments ready for some serious playing, but also thinking more about what I want to achieve with these new environments.

So what’s next… Ideas have alreay formed and partially documented. Now for execution time…

Hopefulle the excited will only start dissipatinh in december, and I should have something to show in the next month or so.

Will keep you posted.

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