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Just how dependent have we become…

June 6, 2012 5 comments

So just how dependent have we become on the Internet and being always connected?

It’s Wednesday night, I’m outside standing by my bar, fire crackling in the background, busy going thru some tweets and Facebook posts. A bit of a breeze blowing but is a nice and refreshing one. Suddenly a flash catches my eye and a few seconds later I hear that all to familiar sound of the start of a thunderstorm. I quickly pull out my Windows Phone 7, start up the “Today” app and check the weather… I should have known, thunderstorms predicted.

So what do I do. I quickly inform the family to get of the laptops, unplug the xboxes, disconnect all devices from the network, switch of my router and make sure all the cables have been unplugged. Suddenly I get this sinking feeling that I will be internetlessness for the evening.

For a few seconds I was struck with hatred towards the weather, because after all it is Gears of War 3 community night and I am expected to be there, plus its a great way to socialize with some friend. Then I suddenly realize that all is not lost as my Galaxy Tab and iPad both have 3G contract so all is not lost… Then it struck me, we are so dependent on connectivity and it is so ingrained into our lives that it is actually frightening.

Getting cold sweats because of a lost of connectivity for a few hours… What have I (we) become. Is the Hunt for information or socializing online so insatiable that we cannot live without it? Does twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc truly rule our lives. What would our parent say to us liking each others Facebook statuses or retweeting each other across the room?

Where are the days of snail mail or picking up the phone to have a chat to someone?

Even though I am guilty of this fear of internetlessness, I do still truly miss the days when other Internet was not around… Sometimes… 😉

Maybe a good reminder should be to completely disconnect yourself at least once a week, just to feel human again. Or not, the choice is your… Just some rumblings of a geek starting to get the shakes because of possible internetlessness. 🙂

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