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My new toy : Galaxy tab 10

February 1, 2012 2 comments

It’s that time of the year again wher all my cell phone contracts are up for renewal. So this year I thought I would finally get a tablet. Nashua mobile had a nice special which was cheaper than what I was paying. So what the hec, I decided to take it and now I am busy typing this post on my new Galaxy Tab.

So first impressions… I must admit that it’s not great. Speed is not the best, in fact my Windows Phone 7 seems faster. Maybe it’s because the OS could be bloated to cater for so much. Not sure.

Apps are great, but you do not have the ability to try before you buy. Most apps have a free version which I suppose is there for that reason, but is that not just a waste or is that added to the app count they are so proud of?!?

Lastly the fact that both browsers I have tried is picked up as cell phone browsers. Now in some cases that is not bad, but there goes my access my ofice webapps on windows live. Also the lack of accessories is not good.

On the good, it is nice having proper access to info no mate where I am. Design is very good and screen is nice and clear. All social media connected and most of my email accounts. Camera is great and the device is lightweight.

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