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Local is lekker, albeit restricted…

December 16, 2012 Leave a comment

So as usual I am spending my Sunday night outside braaing some chicken, although red meat is the norm, and I am going through some social media, forums and blog posts. One of the forums I frequently visit at night is the local XBox forum, and there are usually some interesting post and great discussions.

So tonight some noob posted a question about registering on XBox live and he wanted to know if he should create a local SA account or an international account. Now for those who do not know, the local marketplace is a bit limited in content, but still has some great stuff. And for the most part, all or most new content does come to our marketplace. Some of the older stuff however is not available. Ad the main reason for this is that all content has to be rated all over again, which takes time. This is something that is being addressed, but will take time.

Noe sometime ago, SA was notified that they will get the marketplace and I was first in line to change my account for this. And several other local did the same, and sure, we were disappointed, but we knew things will eventually improve and we will stick it out. Several months later I did create a second US account as I wanted some stuff that was not locally available, but my secondary account is only used in those situations.

What this means is that because I use my primary SA account I am being counted. Al for all intense purposes, it means I am a sale. And that there is continuous activity and this helps local stats. The same goes for my iTunes account. Yes, having a Us account will get me much more more, but how is that helping the local marketplaces.

Unless you can be counted by accounts and not IP, you can not help improve things locally.

So to all the locals out there that continue to use primary marketplace accounts, on whatever service you have, local is lekker and albeit a bit limited, you being counted is what will help improve things for the rest. So change your accounts to local and be lekker!!!

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Mass Effect

December 12, 2010 1 comment

A few months ago I blogged about Red Faction : Guerella, and i still remember saying that it was one of those games that I really felt thatthe gameplay wasn’t great and that it took me a while to get into it, but once there I was loving it.

Now so far, Mass Effect, seems to be the same. I expected something like Halo when I bought it, but it turned out very different. I was hoping for something starting fast and that had straight forward liner missions. Was I mistaken.

I have since then clocked up about 6 hours of gaming, and only now is it starting to grow on me. Missions are not straight forward and can take a while to complete. Especially the assignments. One of those is trying to get a “religious” permit forward an alien to be able to speak on the streets of the citadel…

But all in all it’s a good game. Still getting used to the combat, and trying to place my men so they don’t just die 30 seconds into a fight. But I’ll get there.

Looking forward to getting some more time to play it, and progressing a bit further. Also burning to get Mass Effect 2, but will wait until I have finished the first one.

If you have any pointers, please share by means of comments. Would like to know what the veterans out there thinks of it.

Chat soon… Hopefully sooner that what I have been. 🙂

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TechED Day 2 : Revived

October 19, 2010 2 comments

After getting some rest from the first day, I am feeling very excited about my sessions today. Will be focusing more on Windows Phone 7, Silverlight, Agile Development and then not to forget all things SharePoint 2010.

Closing event also starts at 18:30 tonight, and this year a must to attend.

So far TechED has really delivered on my expectations. Great sessions, wonderfull and very helpfull people. Better Expo than last year. Now just need them to pick my name for the new XBox 360 and the Kinect… 🙂

Something interesting is brewing…

September 30, 2010 Leave a comment

Was very excited when I visited the Microsoft Connect BETA testing site today. Finally some more information on something interesting that I am participating in.

Unfortunately I have to abide by the terms that I signed, but all I can say is that I cannot wait…

Great stuff is coming our way and I can see many will be delighted and excited about the changes. I know I am and that just after spending half an hour with it…

I’ll post more on the subject once it has been released.

This is very difficult, all this cloak and dagger stuff. 🙂

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