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Exciting times are upon us…

Truly exciting times are almost upon us, that is if you are a Microsoft fanboy. Tonight I was going through some email and remembered and email from Gabe Aul (@gabeaul) and went back to finish reading it and realised again just how close Windows 10 is from possibly being released.

I’ve also been following some of the Xbox One Preview program leaks and you can really see the excitement that is upon us.

So what am I on about and why the excitement? Well, the following few things have me excited, and the potential there after in each of their respective areas, but also combined…

Windows 10 (http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-10/about)

So Windows 10 is the next major upgrade for the Microsoft operating system, but what has me excited about this release is that is will take all of it’s “devices” into account. Windows 10 will truly be on all of them. That includes the Tablets, PCs. Laptops, Windows Phones and the Xbox One. The development and collaboration experience in virtually all industries are mind blowing. Central store for all your apps as well. This is not a simple task, but so far everything is looking good. And we can expect some amazing announcements at Build 2015 7 Ignite this year. Both conferences in May.

Microsoft Azure (http://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/)

Microsoft Azure is not new at all, but it has been expanding in it’s service offering and making it even simpler for the public to use the services available. And with it’s deeper integration into the rest of the Microsoft Ecosystem, the possibilities will be endless. Already Windows Phone, Windows, Xbox etc. are heavily making use of the power it provides, and just changing the way we think and work on a daily basis. Collaboration and agility has never been this exciting before and it just keeps improving.

Microsoft Surface Hub (http://www.microsoft.com/microsoft-surface-hub/en-us)

To use a quote from the website “Unlock the power of the group with Microsoft Surface Hub, a powerful team collaboration device designed to advance the way people work together naturally.”. Being in an industry that is ever changing and also adopting SAFe within the workplace, this is just one of those devices that will change the way we collaborate and deliver solutions. I believe that the applications of this device far outstrips the quote provided above, and believe me I will be pushing for at least one of these in our offices.

Microsoft HoloLens (http://www.microsoft.com/microsoft-hololens/en-us)

Probably on of the most exciting things for me is the HoloLens. Now I know the Oculus Rift has been in the news for a while, but this is an integrated device and development for it will be as simple as the rest of the items noted above. From a consumer as well as a corporate perspective, this has me foaming at the mouth. Already I have ideas on how this could be used in our software at work, but I can also see how I would be loving this device at home.

There are other smaller things from Microsoft that I love and would like to get my hands on, one of those being the Microsoft Band. And I think from my perspective, this fully integrated life between all the things I do and use is what is so exciting and appealing. Yes a lot of the integration can be done by using different devices, and I have those devices and they integrate, but completely natively… That’s the difference. đŸ™‚

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  1. April 27, 2015 at 18:50

    I am also really looking forward to leveraging Azure as a platform for developing a new generation of enterprise ready cloud mobile apps that also work on (ahem, cough) IOS….
    Thanks Henry for sharing, sounds like May is going to be an interesting month for the tech world!

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