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How to make a Developers life’s easier…

So the catch is in the title. I suppose the easiest way is to put them in a multi-coloured room, with gaming consoles, unlimited coffee and unlimited pizza… But that’s just a pipe dream for most of us. But what I have found over the past year or so is ways to make me more productive and make my life much easier. The problem is that I can now develop from wherever I am, on whatever I want.

In saying that, I’m going to mention a few things I use and play with that I found has made my life much easier & less dependant on others, as well as give me the ability to be creative wherever & whenever I want.

Mind you, most of what I will be mentioning focuses around Windows development, but some of this can also be used for other development.

Source Control

Now I know about GitHUB etc, but Microsoft has fairly recently released Visual Studio Online (www.visualstudio.com) and this services provides you with all the functionality you’ll need in Team Foundation Services. The great thing is that it’s a hosted service that integrates nicely into Visual Studio. But this can also be used for other environments. And it supports Git as well. What’s also great is that you can manage a full SCRUM environment within this, with a great UI that’s easy and intuitive. So that’s my source control out of the way.

Development Environments

Most of my development these days are done from my Acer Icona W700. And yes, its possible. Because we have a Azure account (www.azure.com) and I have my own MSDN subscription, I have the option of spawning virtual development environments that has all the tools I need to be productive. And the great thing is I can even connect to it from my phone and develop, albeit a little tricky to type loads of code, but nevertheless. Most of these environments are set up for you and you might need to make a few minor tweaks and install some other components, but they work great. And because my source control is already online, I just hook into it and off I go.

Project Siena

So Microsoft is busy beta testing this, and what it really is, is a Windows 8 app that allows you to create Windows 8 applications easily on a touch enabled device. Now I must admit it has a few interesting quirks to it, but WOW, how easy are they making it for us. Granted, you cannot do the most advanced things in it, but I can almost guarantee that they will allow source code / solution downloads soon. So then you can very easily start the project with most of its artefacts from your tablet in a coffee shop and download and continue else where.

App Studio

Now this is my favourite at the moment (http://appstudio.windowsphone.com/). This little service allows you to easily create and even publish Windows Phone Apps to the market place with hardly any code involved. What’s great is that you can download the full solution file and tweak where you need to. I have already created and published a small app this way and have another three in the making. Fairly trivial apps, but the first one was done in less than an hour.

Project Monaco

This is another one of those really great productivity tools, but also enables you to work from anywhere with any device. Project Monaco allows you to edit websites on Azure through a browser. with all the intellisense etc that you would need to be productive with. Coupled with the fact that the3 website is hooked into Visual Studio Online for your source control.

There are tons of other things & ways to improve a developers life out there, but these ones have made such a big difference in my life. I can now be creative whenever, wherever & on whatever device I want to. Go have a look at these and let me know what you think…

Until next time 🙂

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