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Belated Welcome to 2014


Better late than never.. I suppose. So the year has started with a bang, or shall I say carried on instead. I didn’t really have a break as I needed to save my leave for our trip to Capetown in March. But its all good as I was very productive over the festive season. It’s the best time of the year to get through some back log.

So another year, more exciting challenges in life and work. Something to look forward to. Nothing better than conquering them one at a time.

Looking forward to some new technology coming to our shores this year, and obviously the Xbox One!!! Also looking forward to a role change at work which has been in the making for almost 2 years now. So this is definitely something I am looking forward to. The ability to focus a little better.

Now I don’t believe in new years resolutions, but I will have a goal to be more active on my blog and get some more exposure. But I need better content for that and follow through on some of my posts. I also want to get a few HowTo’s out this year as there has been so many things I have struggled with and had to spend hours and sometimes days finding solutions. And most of those are definitely worth sharing.

So, some goals this year…

– Finish my Windows 8 App

– Finish some Windows Phone Apps

– Blog more

– Enjoy life a bit more

So until my next post. Have a great 2014 and make it count. It wont be there again in 2015… 🙂

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