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Windows 8.1 Preview…

While I was going through my twitter timeline on Thursday night I suddenly remember that Windows 8.1 Preview is supposed to be available any day now. Quick check on the Microsoft website and I found the link. And off course, I had to install it. And in true Henry style, I skimmed over any text and tried to find the download link, and click… Well, maybe I should not have clicked to eagerly…

A fast 14mb download and a few updates later and I was redirected to the new Marketplace. Looked good and in front of me was Windows 8.1 Preview, with some weird squiggles where the install button should be. Not really worried I clicked it and some time later my Acer Icona rebooted and I had to again choose a few settings. And there it was… Windows 8.1 Preview.

At first glance, nothing really special, except the glaringly obvious start button. Seriously, who missed that. Not me. Already used to not having it and really just taking up space now.

First of all, some irritations so far from using it for a few days.

1. Swiping is not as precise and smooth as before. And this makes my tablet feel very clunky and slow.

2. After every reboot I get an error dialog on my desktop. Something about BVTSTACK. Seems to be related to the Acer software and after checking could find anything.

3. Even though it picks up the built in Bluetooth chip, I cannot pair any devices or even see them. So I’ve resorted to buying a very small USB Bluetooth device

4. A few of my not so important is crashes for no reason

Now I fully understand this is a preview. And I was a bit silly not to create a rollback “disc”, but I did expect all hardware devices to still function correctly, as this is a smallish upgrade to Windows 8.

Some likes

1. On the main start screen, swiping up now lists all the installed apps. That’s a nice and quick way to get to them and I love it

2. Music app is more user friendly and seems to perform a little better

3. Quick and seem less install. Did not have to completely rebuild the tablet

4. Enjoying the additional options for changing the tile sizes and also customising the home screen is now the same as my Windows Phone 8 and I love the consistency

Subsequent to this “upgrade”, I have also downloaded the Visual Studio 2013 Preview and will also be playing with that over the next week or so. I’m glad I did the preview install and will start getting used to the changes and will be anxiously await updates to this. Next week I’ll post some more details about Windows 8.1 Preview and also how living solely with the tablet is shaping up.

Chat soon. 🙂 

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  1. July 1, 2013 at 15:18

    You are nothing if not consistent Bogus, charging in shotty blazing 🙂

  2. July 24, 2013 at 16:37

    Along the same lines, more virus authors are familiar with the Windows operating system, enabling them to develop viruses for that system easier and more quickly.
    One therefore needs to keep formatting and re-formatting the i – Pod while switching
    from Mac to Windows etc. Mac’s are tanks when it comes to warding off viruses.

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