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First few days with my Icona

Just thought I would write a quick update after my first few days with my Acer Icona as a primary device at work.

So as it stands today. I have installed 95% of the apps I usually need and I have moved a fair amount of the data I need on the tablet across. And today I did not even take my laptop out of my bag. I was happily working on my tablet. Initially I was struggling a bit with the keyboard, but that has now passed and I am working well with it. I do enjoy having my Microsoft Wedge mouse handy, but really only use it in desktop mode when working with Office 2013.

I have tested Visual Studio 2012 and it works really well. That was the only real concern I had. But all is good. Getting more and more used to the standard mail app. It is actually very nice and have not yet configured Outlook 2013. Hopefully I would not need to. I still just need to move a lot of mail from my archives to my main mailbox.

I added a picture password today because my password is about 15 characters long, and that just takes too long to type on the screen. So now its nice and easy to log into my tablet.

Performance has been great. Space is still not great, but I getting used to relying on other systems for storage. Which is good, since I really don’t need the space. Still a bit disappointed in some of the Marketplace Apps. It just seems like the developers are not understanding the performance issues users will experience and they are not making use of the “loading” animations to inform their users when the apps are updating etc.

Since I have not joined our domain at the office, I do have the odd occasion where my printers are not working, but a quick browse to the print server to reconnect and all is good again.

So after a few days I am still happy with my choice. Hopefully tomorrow I can load the rest of the apps and finalise my data transfer over the weekend. But all in all I am very happy with my Icona. Will post some more next week.

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