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My Icona W700 arrived…

If you had a look at my posts last week you would have noticed that I mentioned that I will be replacing my main work laptop with an Acer Icona W700, in line with a new way of working. Also because my role has changed a bit and I believe that I do not really need such a powerful laptop anymore.

Well, this morning I was informed that my tablet had arrived. And off course I was super excited, but also very ware that there is now no turning back. I have committed to this journey and will see it through.

Due to a very meeting intensive day, again, the box remained unopened until late afternoon. So a quick unboxing occurred and that was it. Everything was stuffed into my bag so I can work on it tonight.

The device is very nice and also a bit bulky compared to the Samsung Ativ I have been using. But then it is much more powerful than the Ativ. It comes with a very nice leather case with a built in keyboard, which I am still trying to get used to. Have already had to fix several spelling mistakes trying to get used to the pressure of the buttons. With my Ativ I used the Microsoft Wedge keyboard, and might revert back to it, but I do like the leather cover. I have already ensured that my Microsoft Wedge mouse is connected and it works well.

So as of a few minutes ago I have done all of the standard windows update and also the Marketplace App updates that I have installed so far. Email has been configured in the built in mail app, and even though I already have Microsoft Office 2013 running, and have not yet configured Outlook and might not do so.

Performance so far is great and all the apps are running a little smoother than my Ativ. Tomorrow I will attempt to go through the whole day only using the tablet, except where I still have some files on my laptop. The rest of the week I will spend either moving them across or onto our corporate intranet, where they belong. I also have some LOB apps I need to install this week and then I need to get Visual Studio 2012 installed as well.

As the days or week goes by I will post some of the challenges I am facing and how I have overcome them, or not. But for now I am very happy and excited. Lets hope it lasts… 🙂

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