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TechED 2013 : Day two round up…

The second day of TechED found me barely making it in time for my session. Traffic was very backed up this morning and my usual travel time was doubled. But luckily managed to just make it.

The sessions for today was still along Azure, Mobility and some LightSwitch was also thrown in. These are the more interesting sessions for me at the moment as we are busy working in those areas.

The first session was “Advanced Windows Azure Infrastructure as a Service for Developers”. For most of the session we discussed automation tasks via Powershell and REST. This was very interesting as we were creating Virtual Machines on the fly, configuring them at the same time and then deploying them. Automating VHD uploads and binding them to live Virtual Machines. Learned a lot from this session and will definitely be using some of this soon.

The next session was “What’s new in LightSwitch 2013”. I must admit this was not my favourite session. Although we went through a timeline of changes and new features and the new features are very good. The presenter really put me off. His presentation style was not very “good”.

The following session I had to miss due to some work that I needed to get done by lunch time and it related to Tips for Enterprise Architects. So a muffin and coffee had to keep me company at the charging station while I complete a document on my Samsung Ativ WindopwsRT Tablet.


Lunch was good today and I decided to go and sit in the hall with some other employees from our company.

Next up was “Windows Azure Active Directory”. This has been another session I was really looking forward to as it relates to several things we are wanting to do with Azure. The good thing was that we had some of our IT Engineers in the session. We went through examples of setting it up and doing Single Sign On via several Cloud Services as well as hosted Virtual Machines. Another great session.

The following session was another one I was looking forward to. “Monetisation of Applications on the Windows & Windows Phone Store”. The tone was set with some global trends relating to user experiences, social, context awareness, banking and big data. We then dived into the various ways of monetising your app and what Microsoft had on offer, but also other options. We also had a well known Windows Phone developer in South Africa chat to us about his experiences relating to his apps that are available. Again a great session.

The second last session for the day was “Building connected iOS & Android apps with Windows Azure Mobile Services”. Now I was playing with this a bit last night, but seeing them more in action from an Android application was really good. The features available are great and I am already thinking hard about how we will be using it.

The last session was “SharePoint Online Deployment and Migration Best Practices”. This session was mainly ar4ound the best practices and some experiences. It was a good session and their are some pointers I will be taking back as we will be migrating to office 365 very soon and possibly also more some sites into SharePoint Online.

All and all another great day at TechED. The closing event is tonight but I will not be attending this as I have a whole3 house of ill people which needs tending to. If the early sessions are empty tomorrow, I know it would have been a great night.

Tomorrow is the final day with a few sessions in the morning and then the closing Keynote. Looking forward to it.

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