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TechED 2013 : Pre Session, Cloud Strategy

To co-inside with TechED, Microsoft arranged for one of the Microsoft Corp guys to some down and have a full day session around Cloud Strategy, and I was lucky enough to be invited to this session because of the cloud related work we are doing and investigating with Microsoft.

The sessions were handled by Beat
Schwegler, Director, Platform Strategy Group, Microsoft Corp (@cloudbeatsch) and the following topics were discussed:

– Microsoft Devices & Services Strategy

– Making Money with Apps

– Key Architectural decisions

– Cloud enabled App scenarios with Windows Azure

It was an extremely interesting session, starting off with topics like create a move before reaction forces you to move, and how companies who has done this are already the benefits and cornering unusual markets. Talks went into the BYOD arena and interesting point were brought up which has not really been on my radar yet. And this is where a cloud strategy does really make a lot of sense, even if it is for internal company use and not yet something that you would on sell.

A fair amount of time was also spent on monetization and the different was for the different sectors were discussed and also key differences noted.

So the first half of the day was nice and high level with those type of interesting discussions. The second half was more specifically related to the Microsoft Cloud Stack and what is available.

We also had to do a little task at each of our tables involving creating a business model around a specific problem. This was great fun and the results were very interesting.

All and all a very good few hours spent in a smallish group of people having good discussions.

I might in a later post provide some specific detail, but I want to keep those separate to this. Will be posting some more information about TechED as the days progress.

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