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TechED 2013 : Day one roundup

So day one of TechED started with a very interesting session about game development for WindowsRT using HTML 5 and JavaScript. The session was very good and we covered a lot of new CSS enhancements that takes advantage of the hardware acceleration available in the devices. We also discussed WinJS and all the interfaces into the hardware provided by the devices. The interesting bit was that we took a HTML game and ran in directly within WinRT as a HTML app and the game worked perfectly. With some tweeking and a few changes, the HTML game was compiled as a “native” WinRT game. Great session by Jarrod, but unfortunately we had to cut some things short as we were running out of time. But what did take out of the session is the great capabilities of WinJS and CSS 3 for WinRT / 8 development.

The next session I attended was about SharePoint 2013 Administrator concerns relating to security. This was one of those Chalk & Talk sessions where the room was fairly small and the presentation was very informal. There is a lot of things we tend to take for granted and ignore during installations & setup. And most of the time it is because the setup process is so streamlined and easy, that the brain tends to take a few minutes break. And it’s in that break that we tend to create major security issues for our installations & configurations. What I loved about this session was that an initial overall structure was given to what we are already supposed to know, and then showing how these miss configurations & installations affect it and how months later a SharePoint installation was be rendered as useless. Great session for me.

My last session for the day, due to meetings with Microsoft around Azure, was about changing behaviour by means of Gamification. Now I must admit I was not 100% about what this was about, but had an idea. This was one of those gems, but the room was surprisingly empty. Maybe because it was not technical at all and very fluffy, but a great session nevertheless. The concept of gamification basically relates to trying to motivate people during either system adoption or just working in general. The idea is to introduce those gaming concepts that keep us coming back for more into a working environment. Some great arguments in this session and also some interesting methods. Something I will definitely consider to get more out of my team. Below is an interesting slide that was show relating to this… 🙂


In between I have a few moments to explore the Expo. Below are some pictures of the Expo. One thing I must say is that the room was less open this time around and more little stalls than before. I missed a few usual suspects, like Intersoft for my books. And it also seemed that less people were interested than in previous years. I did however managed to get to the Xbox stand and met up with Glenn from 2UpGamers in CapeTown and had a bit of a chat.

Similar to previous years there were some workstations to do the evals from, and also a charging area for when you run out of juice for your devices. A lot more snacks were served in the Expo than before as well.


Tomorrow I will hopefully have a full day of sessions, so the round up will have some more insight into some of the sessions. Tomorrow night is also the closing event party and I will hopefully attend this to give some feedback on that. From speaking to friends, the opening party was however a bit of a dud. So lets hope the closing event is much better.

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