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TechEd 2013 : Registration & Keynote

So eventually after 18 months of waiting, TechED Africa 2013 is eventually here. Today was the usual registration day for the event. And as per usual, registration opened early morning and continued throughout the day.

But it seems that this year, the forgot to add enough ink to their printers as illustrated below and myself and a few delegates had some interesting chuckles about this.

But as expected, and very much appreciated, new bags were on offer again. I must say that TechED bags are the best for work purposes as they seem to cater perfectly for what I tend to carry around. This year they decided to go with a complete local theme and the bags have been up -cycled. The bags have been made from recycled billboards. What an interesting idea… And all labour is from locals. What a great way to support the local community.

We also received the usual paperwork from all the exhibitors and loads of competitions. One of the ones that stood out was the opportunity to win a iPad mini… Go figure.

T – Shirts were also handed out, but if you were as eager as me and took advantage of the super early bird registration, a second t-shirt was also provided.

As I mentioned earlier, the bags were from re-cycled billboards, so most of them are unique and you would be hard pressed to find another one the same as yours.

No on to the keynote. The layout this year was very different from the previous TechED. This year we had a triangular shaped stage in the middle of the room with pods for collaboration, development & servers. The main goal of the keynote this year was to cover new technologies and features in products & platforms to cover the pods noted above. This was a bit of a shift from previous years, but worked well and the role play was done very well. The role play was based on a fake company and how they “upgraded” to version 2.0 using various aspects of the Microsoft Technology stack, including cloud.

They really only brushed on several things, but it gave you enough of a carrot to push forward hard for more information in the coming days. So all and all, the keynote I feel did deliver albeit very different from the past and initially left me wanting. But satisfied at the end of it.

So tonight is the opening party, and unfortunately I have far to much work waiting for me to attend, but I will have some details on the closing party as I do not intend to miss that one.

Over4 the next few days I will post some more details about the sessions I attended and also about the Expo which is opening in the morning. Below is a picture of the keynote hall busy filling up.

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  1. Chris
    April 17, 2013 at 08:23

    Nice Henry! I am doing Madrid, Spain this year for teched. Thats why you havent seen me yet 🙂 Next year perhaps I will be in Durbs again if it is there. Keep up the work on the blog, love the read from time to time.

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