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TechEd Africa 2013 is here…

So tomorrow is the start, or shall I say the registration & keynote for TechEd Africa 2013. Super excited as last year TechEd was cancelled. The reasons given was something about economy etc. Just happy that we’ll have it this year.

Spent some time tonight setting up my program of sessions that I will be attending. Was a little disappointed in the sessions as it seems like there is not that much to say. Also some very key sessions seemed to be missing from the list. Would have liked to see more sessions about Office 365 and maybe also some specific Azure sessions. But I have managed to select a few interesting ones that I am looking forward to.

As previous years, I will try and post some details from my sessions during the course of the day and also a recap after every day. This year I will be missing about half a day of sessions due to some meeting with the Cloud specialists from Microsoft to discuss some new releases and also to get more insight and how we can grow our business and products with Azure.

Registration will start at 9am tomorrow, after which I will be attending a whole day of Cloud talks and then it’s the keynote. Hoping for some big announcements as there are some specific cloud services we are anxiously waiting for here in deep dark Africa. Services that are way overdue. Intune, CRM Online & Xbox music are just three I would like to see ASAP.

All devices are on charge for the event, so look out for some quick and also some long posts of what transpires at TechEd Africa 2013.

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