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WindowsRT – Samsung Ativ – Thoughts…

Now for those that know me, they should be able that I’m ever the optimist. I usually do not put something down until I am ready to do so and I will push something knowing that it can do better until the end.

In this case, I wouldn’t go that far yet, but I have given this device a good run and I have been very patient in waiting for improved applications before I decided to post something about it.

I will not directly compare devices where I can, but what I can say is that I have had a Galaxy Tab 10.1 for a while and also an iPad 2. My Galaxy eventually turned into a glorified MP3 player not so long ago, and I have been using the iPad for most social media and work related tasks.

So when I had the opportunity to get a Samsung Ativ, I grabbed it. This was at the time the only Windows 8 or WindowsRT device available in South Africa. It was delivered and I eagerly started “Playing” with it. Now just to make a few notes. I was stupidly enough  one of those people that went with the original comments that WindowsRT only had the new look and no desktop, but that was still good enough for me. As I understood why I wanted to use a WindowsRT device, apart from testing our product suite with it and also to see the benefits of this type of device within the organisation.

I’m not going to go through all the apps, but just mention some stuff relating to performance and some apps. So my first thing was the initial lack of good social media apps. The peoples hub is very nice for a consolidated view of what your contacts are up to, but what I dislike is reading backwards in time. I would prefer it to remember what I saw last and then load from there so I can read forward. So I started searching and waiting for better twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook apps.

The latest twitter app from twitter is so far the best, but every no and then it forgets where I was and its back to reading backwards again. Performance is also much better than any of the other apps. So good, but I must admit I still prefer the aid twitter app. Next is LinkedIn. Love this one and even though different from the iPad or Galaxy I enjoy using it. the Facebook app is also not too bad, but performance is not great. And I find going back to the timeline after looking at a specific post it loses my space.

Another app I use a lot is YouTube on my iPad. Now recently I found a great one for WindowsRT, but tonight it started disappointing me. If you don’t stop or pause the clip before moving back, the clip still plays in the background. Very frustrating, and this is the best out of the lot.

So what does this have to do with this device, well, I believe the overall performance of the hardware and possibly the OS could be at fault here. Is there by default to many services etc running for the applications to cope? I have also noticed that apps are not closed or tombstoned as and wen memory is needed. Something that is done very well on the Window Phone OS. Maybe this is something to consider for the WindowsRT devices.

What it could also be is that maybe the developers of these apps are just not understand the programming Model well enough to ensure proper garbage collection and state Management, but could they all be getting it that wrong.

Now I have always prouded myself in using all technologies and always diversifying, but deep down I am Microsoft boy but I must admit I am not blown away by this. There are some really good features and great apps that I constantly use, but some areas are unfortunately just lacking. And I am not even looking at desktop apps, as I feel this device is not meant for that, although office runs well on it.

So would I buy another one for the family, definitely. But I would love to see either better apps where performance of the lower end devices are taken into consideration, or some tweaks to WindowsRT to better work with lower end hardware.

This was just a look at some specifics and I’ll post more discussing other aspects of the device that I enjoy and things I don’t…. 😊


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