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Is YouTube just for bragging?!?

Terrible night of Dirt Showdoan racing

So tonight I am standing at my bar, playing on my iPad and quickly running out of information to consume. Then this familiar icon started winking at. You might have guessed it. The WordPress icon. So I clicked on it and realised I have not posted something for a bit. Seeing that I was not very inspired for a bit, I quickly thought about my antics for the past week or so and decided on something relating to YouTube and shameless advertising.

And here it is…

Most nights after getting home I like to change, sometimes, then spend some time with a device consuming information. One of the things I love to do is looking at the subscriptions on YouTube. I must admit that roughly 80% of my subscriptions relate to gaming, especially the Xbox 360. But what has become more and more evident as I started analysing my nightly views, is that most people seem to use it to brag. Now what I mean by that is that they only post good performances. Which is not a bad thing.

Recently I invested some hard earned cash in the Elgato (http://www.elgato.com) device, which captures console gameplay. And I have been recording like crazy whenever I play online or offline. And I realised how easy it would be to combine good gameplay together into a Montage for viewers pleasure (Not that I have many).

So my thought then, is YouTube only meant for bragging on how you good are perceived to be by cobbling together those “cool” clips and adding some funky music to it? Specifically here relating to gaming clips on YouTube.

Now in my case, I have hours of clips and I can easily do the same and seem like an “Elite”, but why bother. That would really just create a fake persona of my gaming skills. So I decided that I would post whatever online. Good and bad. Or perceived good or bad.

Now here some the selfish advertising, and please do subscribe for some real foobars… 🙂

Here is a clip of a seriously bad night of racing in Dirt Showdown in multiplayer mode…


Next is a clip of a Clan (Team) match in Gears of War. Didn’t do much there… 🙂


Then, some SSX and I though I did fairly well, but not really…


Now that is just some clips. Please feel free to view the various channels and see some real gaming, without combining the best moments to seem like you are truly the best. After all, who are you really fooling.

And there you have it, something out of nothing. Chat soon… 🙂

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