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With precision the Darkside claws at me…

Now I must admit that the title might provide for far more interesting blogging that what this post is about, but such is life.

Some time ago I mentioned that I purchased an iPad, or that my employer suggested that I needed it for various reasons. And they were right. Today my iPad gets far more attention than the Galaxy tab and for good reasons.

But the game has changed. Mobility is far more of an issue than before and to ensure that you and your products stay relevant, all platforms need to be at least considered. Hence the title of my post.

Apple has long been the Darkside for me. Happy with Windows and Linux, but Apple… Never been to sure. So the day finally arrived that I needed to really look into it and get a development environment ready for some POCs. And so here it is. One more step towards the Darkside… My Mac Mini.

So far it has been an interesting experience, especially since I have not spent any time trying to understand it yet and virtually dived straight into using it and banging my head against a wall, especially not having a right click to give me some context. I suppose thats why the top left menu keeps changing… 😉

The main goal here is to get a iPad app up and running with minimal effort. Secondary to that would be to further understand all the Apple offerings and to ensure some sort of base knowledge and the ability to try and deliver things fast and effortless.

Hopefully over the next few months I will be able to post some more of my findings within this weird but yet somehow wonderful environment and maybe I will get used to it. First impressions are good except I could not get my wireless mouse and keyboard to respond with the initial startup of the device. Only after getting into it was I able to link it all up. Maybe a design fault or just a Microsoft fanboy not understanding what he was dealing with.

Next post will probably have some details about app development, but please know that I will not be subjecting my cranium to anything other than that and I will be using tools from the Mono Project to accomplish this. Until my next post…

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