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Windows 8 Release Preview as production…

Not so long ago some tweets went out about the release of Windows 8 Release Preview and needless to say I went complete crazy and started downloading as soon as I managed to get a slot. And hour or so later, the ISO was staring me in the face invitingly.

The obvious choice staring me in the face, do I replace my production laptop with this or go with a virtualisation option. Clearly, if Microsoft released this a few days before they promised, it must be more stable than expected. So, after 3 seconds of deliberation the decision was made. Production it is!!!

So it’s been several weeks now and I have not yet reformatted back to Windows 7. But what happened…?

Well, I remember doing early testing of Windows 7 on my production machine and the experience was fantastic. Windows 8 has been nothing less. To date I have had zero OS crashes on my laptop. A few ( I think about 3) times logging out took more than an hour after which and just hard reset the machine. But it’s been very stable.

So impressions so far… I must admit that I am really enjoying it. Slowly getting used to using a mouse on a Metro UI, which was a bit challenging in the beginning. The preview apps for mail works well, especially once you’ve spent some time understanding them and also remembering that they were designed for touch and that hovering over an icon will not always give you a tooltip.

So what have I enjoyed the most so far. The Remote Desktop app is really great. Seeing that I do that during the day fairly frequently. Love the image viewer and also the Metro IE. I did the obvious and also installed Office 2010 for valid reasons. So I do use Outlook 90% of the time. Visual Studio 2012 works great as well. For blogging, well, I had to resort to installing Live Writer as I am having some IE issues with directly blogging to WordPress, but this has always been a nice little application for blogging.

Having a Desktop does work well and eventually finding an easy way to search for installed application had saved me pulling my hair out.

I think for new users this might be a challenge with Metro, especially if the input device is a mouse. But I am really looking forward to getting my hands on a Surface device to fully experience the Metro UI in all of its glory. I’ll post some more goodies about my experience later on, but for now I am a happy camper!!!

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