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When will we get there…?!?

So I thought I would get on my soapbox tonight and do some moaning but also highlighting some issues in South Africa.

Tonight is usually what I do on a friday night. Picked up some meat after work, started my fire and prepared my meat, and then plugged in my Netbook at my bar, surf some sites and do the social networking thing. And then it dawned on me again… Why are things so slow? Why is there still so much missing?

So a brief flashback from my side. I have been back in South Africa for almost 10 years now. Previously I lived in the UK. Manchester and London for roughly five years. Back then, and just before I left we had cable modems and it was so easy to shop online and have your product delivered to your doorstep within 24 hours. You were able to stroll down to Argos and buy something from a catalogue, pick it up at the counter and assemble etc it when you get home. I used t o order my groceries from Sainsburys & Tescos at work and have it delivered by the time I get home.

Now fast forward ten years. Only fairly recently have I been able to get my groceries online, and only is specific big centers. Eventually we have half decent internet connectivity, but I have been waiting for more than a year for my local exchange to be upgraded to a 10MB line. Even though my ISP has almost doubled my cap since I got my ADSL, I still find myself monitoring everything I do to stay within my CAP and have a separate ADSL account purely for my online gaming. With my Windows Phone 7 I am more connected than before, but the user base is so small and I literally stress myself to death several days before my account arrives.

The world has changed dramatically, but I still feel that we are light years behind. The average South African can barely afford the basic ADSL accounts. Several service providers have emerged to try and make things more affordable but they are soon made wiser to the “real” market out there and then forget about the average users.

Why are we not making more effort to educate and drive prices down?!? Surely I higher user base at a lower cost would drive more competition and revenue?!? What has happened to all the infrastructure for the 2010 World Cup or was it actually far less then publicized?!?

What is this fax thing people are still hung up on or when requesting a monthly statement via email seems foreign or unknown to most large organisations?!?

I realise that things take time, but is because we are too hung up on huge profits from a small customer base and forget that improving the overall service delivery would in fact produce much larger profits.

I know I am not the first to point this out, but surely someone somewhere can assist in starting a change. Or is it more of a Thoi Thoi (excuse the spelling) thing we would have to do, again highlighting South Africa in the world news…

Just something that has me at the edge of my seat, or tonight my bar. Just saying… Chat soon.

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