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Day 3 aftermath : TechED Africa 2011

Today started with some excitement surrounding the first two session on Azure guidance. The first of the two was not technical enough and despite it starting 25 minutes late, it was extremely engaging and very real and relevant information. Work interrupted the second session so missed more on the technical side there.

The rest of the day was divided between SharePoint / CRM and then some Windows Phone 7 and HTML 5.

The last session of the day was around Tips & Tricks on how to have a successful Windows Phone 7 application. This so far has been the best and most informative and real life applications. Learned a lot from this session and will definitely be implementing several of the tricks and tips suggested by the speaker.

Tomorrow sees the last day of TechED Africa 2011. A few sessions in the morning followed by the closing keynote. After that I have the rest of the afternoon dedicated to some more Azure sessions across from the ICC. Looking forward to these sessions as well since they will be discussing some real business models and obviously some more technical sessions.

A long and hard paced day has seen me fairly broken, so unfortunately missing the closing party tonight at the Moses Mabida Stadium with none other than Prime Circle proving the entertainment. Ah well, there is always next year.

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