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My tips for TechEd Africa 2010

Now this is not so much specific tips around enjoying TechEd, but more what I’ve been doing for the past four years which has made my time here very productive and also enjoyable. This is a once a year event, and us Durbanites have been lucky enough the past four years for it to be hosted in Durban.

I think the most important thing for me with TechEd is to be a little organised. With such a huge amount of sessions available, knowing which ones to visit in advance helps a lot. So

  • Make sure you use the session builder a few days in advance to choose sessions
  • Revisit those sessions a day or two before the event to double check your choices
  • Try and have an end goal with regards to what specific knowledge you would want to get out of the event

And that’s just before the event starts. In the past TechEd used to always have the registrations and KeyNote on a Sunday. This year everything starts on the Monday (Today). So

  • Get there nice and early to ensure you register and get a shirt that fits you
  • Get a view of the layout and a roughly where the rooms are
  • Check connectivity, if you are taking some sort of device. Wifi is open and free, so why not use it
  • Take a few minutes to relax, have some coffee, tweet, facebook, linked in, blog or whatever takes your fancy

Time between sessions are short, so knowing where to go is important. Some sessions tend to be over booked, so finding a space is always good. I also tend to do back to back sessions, even my lunches, so knowing where to go is important for me.

Now some of this might sound to organised and taking some fun out of it. Possibly, but my goal each year is to get as much technical knowledge out of the event as possible, but I still have loads of fun and always attend all the evening events.

So happy TechEdding, and expect some more posts over the next few days.

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