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Day 1 aftermath : TechED Africa 2011

Well, I survived day 1 of TechEd Africa 2011 with only a few bumps. There seams to be a correlation between the excitement of TechEd and our customers. For the past 4 years, something has always gone wrong at a customer site on day 1 of TechEd. But I suppose tis only add to the excitement of rushing between venues to resolves issues.

So day want found me in a session discussing “Application Lifecycle Management using Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010”. I great first session to have. We don’t always seem to realise how much Microsoft is actually trying to do to make our lives easier and further facilitate better software development practices and testing scenarios. A lot was taken away from this session. Some of the things I was already aware of and just needed a reminder, the rest (which was a lot) I did not know and will look at how to use these tips to further improve our processes within the office.

Second session was all around “Performance Management of Project Server 2010”. Another very informative session and a realization on just how much Microsoft loves to use their existing platforms and technologies to create great solutions. Most of the tools mentioned we already use on a daily basis, but we seem to forget to use them in these specific scenarios. Another eye opener and some valuable lessons to be had from this.

The Keynote, as always, was great and we had Jason Zander paint the picture for the rest of TechEd Africa and what to expect in all the relevant areas. The vision of a more unified OS working on multiple platforms and providing a look and feel that we can expect across all devices. Seamless integration between phone, desktop, pad & slate with the Cloud and the various tools to easy accomplish this.

Another great feature was to lure / entice developers from various background to easily use the new Templates in Visual Studio 11 to immediately be productive in Windows 8 development. I am really looking forward to this and I will now start to see a unified UI between my Windows Phone 7, Windows 8 Desktop and my Xbox 360.

Unfortunately I was unable to attend the Launch Party for TechEd Africa 2011, but will definitely be there at the closing event.

Looking forward to my sessions tomorrow and will be sure to publish as much as I can.

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