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TechED Africa 2011 is finally here…

I can’t believe that it’s already that time of the year again. Time has definitely flown by again and for some reason the years seem to be getting shorter an shorter.

This will be my fourth year attending TechED and I must admit I am really looking forward to another four days of intense back to back sessions. Then there is always the exhibition centre with loads to look at and play with, as well as the vendors with really interesting products and services. Never forgetting the competitions and specials on various products.

This year my focus will be slightly more direct. Previous years I used to try and get bits of information on everything by attending a wide range of sessions. This year there is three main areas I will be focussing on. Cloud, Windows Phone 7 and Silverlight / WPF advanced features. All three of these are pertinent to my position but I also have a great personal interest in all three of these areas.

I will also be experimenting a little with technology / devices this year. In the past I used pen and paper and painstakingly used my notes to either blog or recap. This year I’ll be using my Windows 8 Developer Preview laptop and my Windows Phone 7. I’ve set up some shared OneNote Workbooks to enable some of my colleagues to see what I am up to, between both my phone and laptop.

I’ll also be meeting up with some friends from all over, so this year will be the best to date. Will be sure and post as much as possible on my blog, but will also tweet (@hffourie) throughout the day.

Blog again soon.

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