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Time has flown by, once again.

So the few days mentioned in my last post turned into a few months. And as life has had it, some of the things have materialised from my last post, and some have not.

Work has been crazy busy with countless light nights, or is it early mornings?!? The WPF project is going well. Have learned a few interesting things, but I’m letting the technology work for me. I definitely have a few things around the technology I want to turn into a post. Just to share my experience and implementation. It really is a great piece of technology, as well as the complimenting components.

Home life has been virtually non existent. The very few hours I’ve had has been split between my family and some time to clear my mind on my XBox 360. On that front, a few more achievements, some new games (Some still not opened), and a team for practising for some friendly online tournaments.

By the weekend I will post my first technology post, so look out for it, if this is what you are interested in. Until then, chat soon. 🙂

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