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It’s been a while…

Just realised how long it’s been since I posted something on my blog. And to be honest, I’ve been struggling to get myself here and think of anything to write about. Even now, after a bit of a break, nothing really springs to mind. So, maybe a quick “what I’m doing” entry is appropriate. This will more than likely spark some ideas for the coming weeks.

So what am i busy with at the moment…

At work…

As not to give away too many specific details, I am busy with the final rewrite of our main UI in WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation). This has been coming along nicely, albeit constant interruptions, which is the nature of my position within the organisation. The things is to find the best way to work around these. WPF is still a great technology for me, and every now and then I have this great realisation of how easy teh code and UI just flows. I absolutely love the technology, and it does sometimes make me feel like an artist (Cough, cough…).

At home…

Well, here things are a bit different. The problem with home is you hardly ever have much time, so you want to always sqeeze as much into as little time as possible. It also then means that most of the time very little focus is given to the relevant subject. Great for quick POC type stuff, but that’s about it. So I have decided, and thanks to some tweets by @MineM I have a renewed interest in my XNA book. Which deals with a gaming SDK provided by Microsoft, covering Windows PC, XBox 360, Zune and now also Windows Phone 7. All the time still trying to master some of my games on my XBox 360. And obviously taking on the rest of the gaming community with some online play.

And that’s it really. Having written all of this, I’ll look back every few days, and see where a post is lurking, ready to jump out and bite me. Untill then.

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