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Ubuntu Netbook gone… Welcome back XP

In some of my previous posts, which incidently is still on my old Live Spaces account, I trashed my XP Netbbok and went through two seperate installs. The last being Ubuntu Netbook.

In these posts I highlighted some irritations which turned out to be related to the linux kernal. And Acer amptly informed me that they cannot assist me over the phone or by means of a download to recover my XP install, since I trashed my recovery partition as well.

So tonight, with techED looming in the morning, I decided to play a little and try and get my netbook back to somethig that will hibernate properly. I should have known by now that it would be much easier that what the Acer support guys made it out to be. A quick google got me the tools I wanted to create a USB XP install.

And this is where I am now. Another 15 minutes away from a working XP installation again. Just in time for me to get a few hours sleep, ready for my first sessions at TechED Africa 2010. As I have done in previous years with TechED, I’ll be posting something interesting daily on what has happened or something relating to my sessions for the day.

So welcome back XP. You were missed during my uneventful time with linux…

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